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Apache HTTP Server Version 1.3

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Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version of this FAQ is always available from the main Apache web site, at <http://httpd.apache.org/docs/misc/FAQ.html>.

If you are reading a text-only version of this FAQ, you may find numbers enclosed in brackets (such as "[12]"). These refer to the list of reference URLs to be found at the end of the document. These references do not appear, and are not needed, for the hypertext version.

The Questions

  1. Background
    1. What is Apache?
    2. How and why was Apache created?
    3. Why the name "Apache"?
    4. OK, so how does Apache compare to other servers?
    5. How thoroughly tested is Apache?
    6. What are the future plans for Apache?
    7. Whom do I contact for support?
    8. Is there any more information on Apache?
    9. Where can I get Apache?
    10. May I use the Apache logo on my product or Web site?

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